ddAdvice! Money management and Settlements on your OWN!


MONEY MANAGEMENT - Learning effective money management not only enables you to live comfortably within your means, but also helps you to increase your wealth. Use these money management tips to stay in control of your money! This is a little excercise to see where your money is really going and how to save money.

DEBT SETTLEMENT - This tactic can be tricky but with proper technique and practice it could work in your favor, make sure you check our forums for more help or to ask us questions pertaining to debt settlement.

Remember if you can pay your bills, pay them there are ways to lower interested rates, get back on your feet but its much harder to procrasonate and pick yourself back up from a 10,000 debt.

We are working hard to populate information on our forums - check it out, make a post and lets build a huge database of debt knowledge. This page will fill out as needed....